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 Author Visits


FAIRY HOUSE WORKSHOP: Reading excerpts from the Fairy House Handbook, Liza will share what exactly is a fairy house, the rules of the forest, and tips on attracting fairies. This interactive program builds on children’s innate knowledge of fairies, nature and the fairy house world. Kids will create a collaborative fairy house.


FAIRY GARDEN WORKSHOP: This workshop welcomes students to the amazing world of gardening. Liza will read sections from the Fairy Garden Handbook on the basics of gardening—sun, soil, water—as well as gardening with the fairies in mind. For an additional cost, kids can make a small fairy garden to take home. This workshop is a perfect complement to a school garden launch.


FAIRY TALE WRITING WORKSHOP: This writing workshop will focus on the magic of fairytales and use this age-old structure to stimulate creativity and ease with language. Several generative exercises will be offered and students will leave with the beginning of a fairy tale of their own creation.


RESEARCH INTO WRITING:As the author of more than eight books of non-fiction, Liza knows how to turn facts and research into a narrative. In this workshop, students will learn what it takes to be a non-fiction writer and how research is only half the battle.


DRAFT AFTER DRAFT: This workshop talks about the drafting process and ways to revise to make writing sparkle. Liza shows excerpts from her own process and shows examples of the entire process of writing a story many times! Liza also talks about the importance of voice as a way to make student writing come alive.


X-MARKS THE SPOT: This program provides a great tie in with earth science units, exploration and western expansion as well as the gold rush Learn about how to find  amazing treasures hidden in right under our feet from the vast array of rocks and minerals to the rivers of gold as well as some stories of buried loot.


ILLUSTRATED RHYMES: This is a joint program with award-winning illustrator, Hazel Mitchell. Hazel and Liza will discuss how to create a world through writing and illustrations. Focusing on their recent books, Where Do Fairies Go When It Snows? and Do Fairies Bring the Spring?the pair will also discuss the importance of questions, nature, and fairies!



One program: $200.00

Two Programs: $350.00 (Half-Day)

All day: $600.00 (Up to four 50 minute presentations)

Contact for additional workshop pricing. Mileage will be added for events over 50 miles from Camden.


“Liza connects to children and adults by inviting each individual into a personal conversation about a wonderful secret that must be delicately shared, nurtured, and passed on with mutual creativity between generations. Liza is a lovely and gracious program partner who is easy to work with and flexible as the situation requires, be it a garden full of energetic elementary school kids or an audience of grandparents and toddlers. We look forward to more programs with Liza that restore to us our childhood dreams and sense of wonder.” –Kate Pickup-McMullin, Assistant Director of Southwest Public Library

Kate Pickup-McMullan

Assistant Director , Southwest Harbor Public Library



“My students loved the opportunity to learn about the writing process with Liza! As young writers, my students struggled with the revision process. Liza opened their eyes to the real work that writers do; reread, change, and rewrite over and over again. Both a mother and a teacher, Liza understands the developmental abilities and differences of all children and delivers a curriculum in an interesting and educational way. I can’t speak highly enough about the knowledge, passion, and creativity that Liza possesses.” -Erin Fitzgerald, Grade 4 Teacher, Cushing Community School

Erin Fitzgerald

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